28 juni 2021
Powering the Future Business Data Tech

Innovations around the Johan Cruijff Arena | Annemieke Kinoo (Calculus) en Kiliaan Toorenaar (Close)

In the Powering the Future session on June 22, we looked at the results of the Spectacular Arena Experiences field lab, which focused on fan experiences. We also discussed four special cases: parties who have developed something new together with the Arena and are now on the verge of conquering the world with their innovations. This video features the following guest:

Annemieke Kinoo (Calculus): Annemieke is Business Development Director at Calculus, a company specialized in software and technical engineering. The Calculus platform offers tools to track and monitor in the most diverse areas. Like monitoring the use of water, energy and lighting at events. They joined the Johan Cruijff ArenA innovation ecosystem to showcase their platform in the Stadium environment. Calculus recently have developed a digital control room packed with sensor-based data, which sports locations can use to monitor health within their buildings. This will help to ensure a safe and healthy return to visiting sport locations such as the ArenA.

Kiliaan Toorenaar (Close): Kiliaan is co-founder of the startup Close, a mobile marketing channel for event organizers, to increase the experience of visitors before, during and after events. With Close you can easily start a communication channel for your brand or event that will be instantly available for clients or visitors via the Close App. Close brings the knowledge from the online industry to events, allowing them to also work with collecting data, customer journeys and upselling.