28 juni 2021
Powering the Future Business Data Tech

Innovations around the Johan Cruijff Arena | André Bos (Security & Safety Things) en Paul Valk (Studio Automated)

In the Powering the Future session on June 22, we looked at the results of the Spectacular Arena Experiences field lab, which focused on fan experiences. We also discussed four special cases: parties who have developed something new together with the Arena and are now on the verge of conquering the world with their innovations.

This video features the following guest:

André Bos (Security & Safety Things): André is Senior Business Development Manager at Security & Safety Things, a Bosch Start-up. He talks about the development of an open operating system for surveillance cameras. This offers many possibilities for analyzing live video’s, where developers can offer their apps via a global marketplace. This also provides innovative solutions and applications outside the field of safety and security.

Paul Valk (Studio Automated): Paul is founder of Studio Automated, a company working on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for handling video footage on a global scale in cooperation with the Netherlands Organisation for applied science research (TNO). They developed the Virtual Surveillance Assistant (VSA). This software can learn what is normal in its environment and can detect and alert what is abnormal in this environment. Within the Amsterdam Innovation ArenA they Studio Automated will showcase the possibilities of the VSA Algorithm for social distancing, aggression detection, detection of health issues and analysing the behaviour of the audience.