6 september 2018

Media Future Week Alumni @ Media Summer Night

Datum & tijd

Donderdag 6 september vanaf 17.00

Dutch Media Week takes place in Hilversum in the first week of September. On Thursday september 6th there is a party that’s just the thing for you. The Media Summer Night welcomes young creative media professionals with screenings, previews and presentations. Enjoy cocktails while dancing to DJ-sets, on the terrace of Beeld en Geluid.

We invite the alumni of 7 years of Media Future Week to join us in this get together. Save the date, while we think of something specific to do this afternoon. Do you want to share an experience? Present what you have been doing in the past years? Where the Media Future Week has brought you? Want to do some soapboxing? Any other fine ideas? Let us know! Send an email to Frank Visser via info@mediafutureweek.nl