12 september 2016

IBC Sessie: Dutch Media Innovators

Datum & tijd

2016-09-12 12:00:00

IBC, RAI Amsterdam

De gemeente Amsterdam organiseert in samenwerking met iMMovator een speciale sessie op de IBC, op maandag 12 september vanaf 14 uur. De sessie brengt bedrijven bij elkaar die een leidende rol spelen in hun vakgebied. De bedrijven, die onderdeel uitmaken van het project Dutch Media Innovators, presenteren hun eigen werk, en reflecteren op de internationale mogelijkheden en ontwikkelingen. Zo staan er presentaties van spraakmakende projecten op het gebied van Virtual Reality en Hybride TV apps op het programma!

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Moderator: Mir Wermuth
Voertaal: Engels

4K live streaming broadcast quality – 4K live streaming has been a challenge for many years. Corrino offers a great solution: The Cinematic View System - 4K live streaming broadcast quality. Corrino is a unique Dutch production company for filmed entertainment, 4K broadcast, events, brand activation and live communication. Based in California and Amsterdam, they have serviced in 81 different countries and participated in more than 3400 events, such as Sensation, Creamfields and concerts of for example Muse and Armin van Buuren. 

·        Harmen Sijsma , Commercial Director  - Corrino Media Group

The Mine Explorer - Virtual Reality in a museum and cultural context. Virtual Reality offers museums and cultural institutions great opportunities to create an immersive experience of their collection. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision has created a virtual guided tour in which you experience a day in the life of a mine worker. Descend into a mine shaft while a mine worker tells you about life under the ground. In this unique VR experience, archive material is blended in a virtual world for the very first time. Furthermore, the VR experience attracts a new, younger audience to the museum. Truly a meaningful application of Virtual Reality in the museum!

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is a cultural-historical organization of national significance. It collects, preserves and opens the audio-visual heritage. Since 2015 the Knowledge and Innovation department has experimented with meaningful applications of Virtual Reality in the museum and cultural context, such as the development of the Mine Explorer application for the Year of the Mines 2015, a virtual guided tour for the Oculus Rift VR glasses.

·        Kelly Mostert , Project Manager - Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Join the second with the first screen – PlayNow!. Long before the rise of the internet, people were participating in game shows and tests on TV. Angry Bytes' DIY tool: Play Now! has been used to create innovative Second Screens since 2010. Angry Bytes has now joined forces with 24i, market leader for TV app development, to create the next step in user participation, an integrated solution with TV. All the participants in the household are shown on the first screen via an interactive layer on top of the TV signal without the need to log in – it just works. A family competition is born with just a few clicks. The living room becomes a game room with this unique layer on your TV screen. Several international TV shows in for example Germany and The United States are using the application already, resulting in a more dedicated audiences and better lead generation.

·         Marc Veuger  , Owner - Angry Bytes

Streaming Virtual Reality to the next level. Streaming content to VR devices is a challenge for broadcasters. TNO, in cooperation with Harmonic, will be presenting a new technology that brings the streaming of Virtual Reality content to a higher level: sharper, better quality and even more impact. This technology is currently unique in the world because it handles movement better than other solutions. Lag is minimized and the VR experience is therefore much more pleasant. At the Harmonic Booth at the IBC Exhibition (1.B20) you can experience it yourself in a demo of this extraordinary piece of technology. TNO is one of the major contract research organizations in Europe with a staff of approximately 3000.  

·        Omar Niamut , Senior Research Scientist -  TNO

Etihad - A luxurious VR experience. Digital Agency MediaMonks reveals the power of VR with Etihad. This VR experience lets you follow Nicole Kidman through the cabins of an Etihad A380, the world's largest and most luxurious jetliner. To do justice to both the plane and Ms. Kidman, MediaMonks spared no effort in pushing the boundaries of visual and sonic quality for VR as a medium, raising the bar significantly. Including a plethora of World's First technical solutions, the production was shot in Abu Dhabi on board an actual A380 using a custom built camera rig producing portrait photography level of detail for every frame. 

MediaMonks is the biggest creative digital production company on the planet. They specialize in working for and with advertising agencies to craft amazing digital work for global brands. MediaMonks has offices in Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Dubai, New York, LA, São Paulo, and Singapore.

·        Pasi Helin , Partner and CCO - MediaMonks


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Over Dutch Media Innovators

Dutch Media Innovators is een consortium van Nederlandse bedrijven in de Digitale Media- & Entertainment industrie die in een tweejarig programma samenwerken om gezamenlijk de Amerikaanse markt te betreden. Het programma is een initiatief van iMMovator Cross Media Network en wordt in het kader van Partners in Business (PIB) gesteund door de RVO. De deelnemende bedrijven zijn 24i MediaAngry BytesAppromotersCorrinoMediaMonksNederlands Instituut voor Beeld & Geluid en Kennisinstituut TNO. De bedrijven werken samen met de overheid om Nederland als digitaal kennisland neer te zetten, hun business te promoten, kennis met Amerikaanse instellingen uit te wisselen en extra omzet uit de USA te genereren.