15 januari 2018

Cybersecurity: What new digital dangers are lurking in the shadows?

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Maandag 15 januari 2018 om 15:30

Maandag 15 januari vindt de tweede editie van Powering the Future – The Network Sessions plaats in Amstedam ArenA. Iedere maand komt een netwerk van innovators bij elkaar in de Amsterdam Innovation ArenA om ideeën over innovatie op het gebied van Sport en Live Events met elkaar uit te wisselen. Het thema van deze editie is Cybersecurity.

De voertaal van dit evenement is Engels, therefore we switch to English:

The second edition of Powering the future – the network sessions, will take place on January 15th, at the Amsterdam Innovation Arena. In this lively talk show the Arena and its partners will share some innovative case studies in the field of Cybersecurity. What new digital cybersecurity tools are relevant for event organisers? What new digital dangers are lurking in the shadows? And what kind of cybercriminal is targeting the likes of the Arena? From digital attacks to the dark web, from malware to ransomware, from phishing to data breaches, this session will show you what can go wrong, and what to do about it.

Case studies will come from the partners of the Amsterdam Innovation Arena TNO, KPMG, Honeywell and KPN.

What new digital dangers are lurking in the shadows?

Date and time: January 15th, 15.30 – 17.30
Location: Amsterdam ArenA

The Amsterdam Innovation ArenA connects a community of innovators who collaborate to create the most innovative stadium in the world, powered by the Amsterdam ArenA. The Arena brings together the network once a month to exchange ideas. The Network Sessions bring in experts from the Netherlands and beyond, for an exchange of ideas in an informal setting. The events are free of charge.


  • 15:30 Welcome at the Amsterdam Innovation Arena.
  • 16:00 Start program

Allard Kernkamp, program manager cyber security at TNO: First insights from the Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab
Cyber attacks occur very regular and they are becoming more intense and more professional. The earlier a cyber threat is detected, the less damage it can cause as an attack on computer systems. In the recently founded Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab (CTI Lab) TNO experiments with new technologies to predict attacks and suggest counter measures. For this they use a technology platform from EclecticIQ that collects cyber threat information from a variety of open and closed online resources. Allard Kernkamp previously worked for the Dutch Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) at the National Cyber Security Centre, part of the Ministry of Justice and Security. He will present the first results from the CTI Lab, and tell us what we can expect in the near future.

Mark de Groot, Team Leader Ethical Hacking, KPN: Cybercrimes in a connected city
Telecom operator KPN is deeply involved in cyber security issues at all levels of the company. The Ethical Hacking team is at the forefront of its security efforts, performing hacks on customer environments, performing network-based and application level penetration tests and more. What are the cyber issues they are dealing with, and what new threats are on the horizon? This presentation presents attacks on smart cities – from the vulnerabilities of IoT networks to psychological hacks with immense effects. Based on a real case study, Mark describes how a cybercriminal could attack the Amsterdam Innovation Arenas and what the effect would be. The smarter our cities are, the more vulnerable.

Nick Martijn, Senior Enterprise Data Management Consultant at KPMG IT Advisory and Marjolijn Honcoop, Senior consultant KPMG Cyber: How to organise data governance
The Amsterdam Innovation ArenA now has a running platform on which a wide variety of data is saved. This so called data lake combines everything from video footage to utility statistics, from visitor data to traffic updates, and lots more. From this data lake, data is periodically migrated to either the innovation platform or specific data labs for projects: the stadium and its surrounding area serve as a living laboratory, a hotspot where innovations are tested in a live environment. What dangers does such a huge data repository present? If anything this platform needs strict data governance. Therefore, it is important to control the use of the platform, but without lowering the innovative value of the platform, the ‘data playground’. KPMG explains how this is now handled.

Marty Knopert, Business Development Manager Benelux & Southern Europe at Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security and Lermin Coban, Business Consult Honeywell Building Solutions: Analysis of a cyber attack
Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges around energy, safety, security, productivity and global urbanization. In this contribution, we zoom in on cyber-attacks, and the expertise of cybercriminals in escalating their threats, and developing ever more sophisticated methods of intrusion. What are the security levels needed, both digitally as well as on the ground? What new kind of attack is developing, and which sectors are most vulnerable?

  • 17:30 Drinks


Dit event is mede gefinancierd vanuit de Toeslag voor Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie (TKI’s) van het ministerie van Economische Zaken en een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO) in het kader van het innovatieprogramma SAX.