Master Data Driven Design
23 april 2020

Masterclass: introduction to Data-driven Design

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Course date

23 April, 7, 14, 28 May, 9.30 AM – 4.30 PM


Koningsbergerstraat 9 Utrecht


Maximum 12

This series of masterclasses prepare you for the unique position as an intermediary between academic knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge. You will build up solid expertise for designing user-centered, data-driven solutions as a facilitator between the digital and human domains. Moreover, it teaches you to be aware of the circumstances in which you need to perform your job.

The main perspective in this series of masterclasses is to link academic thinking to practical performance. Aside from critically discussing the fundamental transformations that shape the digital society, as well as its implications for social and economic interaction, you will learn the practical fundamentals of data science. This includes programming skills in Python to load, save, collect, scrape, process, clean, transform, analyze and visualize data. At the end of the course, you will know how to critically examine the opportunities and the limitations of data, code and basic algorithms from a critical, user-focused perspective.

C-level managers, Strategic/operational managers & policy-makers, Accountmanagers, Business developers

Day 1


  • What are data/datafication (ontology & epistemology)
  • Digital transformation & platform economy

Practical programming skills

  • Variables and conditional statements
  • Data structures, data storage and iteration

Day 2


  • Digitalization of social interaction: business, culture, and politics (research subjects and operationalization)

Practical programming skills

  • Functions, webscraping and basic data analysis

Day 3


  • Online Discourses and Network analysis
  • Digital methods 1 – (user) data, chances and limits

Practical programming skills

  • Webscraping, APIs and simple text analysis

Day 4


  • Digital methods 2 – (user) data, chances and limits
  • Data/digital Ethics summary (addressed throughout the previous week but all insights collected here)

Practical programming skills

  • Datavisualization
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