3 juni 2020

Foundations of Streaming Technology (EN)

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Woensdag 3 juni
9.30 tot 17:00 uur




Learning Space Media Perspectives
Mediacentrum 4e verdieping
Joop van den Endeplein 1
1217 WJ Hilversum


Minimaal 10 en maximaal 12 deelnemers. Bij te weinig aanmeldingen gaat deze cursus niet door, dit hoor je uiterlijk twee weken van tevoren.




De voertaal van deze cursus is Engels.


Partners van Media Perspectives krijgen 50% korting op deze cursus. Voor ZZP’ers geldt een kortingstarief van 30%. Kom je in aanmerking voor korting? Mail dan naar talent@mediaperspectives.nl.

We offer this course in collaboration with Eyevinn. 

In this one-day course you learn about the foundations of streaming technology with the help of Eyevinns Streaming Capability Model. You will get an understanding of the capabilities needed in an end-to-end streaming platform. You will get knowledge of some of the key technologies specific to video streaming solutions.

The technology to deliver video content ‘Over-the-top’ is a special breed within web development. Solutions used are often specific to the use-case, and even experienced product leaders and developers will have a learning curve if they have not worked within the domain before. Demand for skilled people with knowledge about the specifics of streaming technology is high and likely to increase, as video becomes an even more dominating part of the web. Taking this course will help you and your organization to get to the next level. The course is led by one of Eyevinn’s senior streaming experts.


You can find a more detailed description of the topics covered in this course under ‘program’.


Targeted towards developers and product leaders who are working with, or want to work with streaming solutions, who are experienced in their role but want to understand more about the technical specifics of streaming to be able to develop better end-to-end solutions within this specific area.

  • Streaming Solution Overview
  • Usability and Data Management
  • Video and Audio Compression and Encoding
  • ABR Transcoding
  • Packaging (HLS, Mpeg Dash)
  • Content Security
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Player and Analytics
  • Distribution (Origin, CDN)
27 februari 2020
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