12 juni 2019

Cursus Server-Side Ad Insertion [VOL]

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Wednesday 12 June 13.00-17.00

Thursday 13 June 9.00-13.00

De cursus is vol! Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn om deze cursus in het najaar te volgen, mail dan naar talent@mediaperspectives.nl, dan zetten we je op de lijst.


Media Perspectives Learning Space
Joop v/d Endeplein 1
1217 WJ Hilversum

We offer this course in collaboration with Eyevinn.

Server-Side Ad insertion (SSAI) is a technology that allows personalized and programmatic insertion of ads already at the server side. Attending this workshop will help you and your organization to understand the underlying components in a SSAI system and better use this knowledge as a foundation for designing an efficient SSAI architecture. You will get an understanding of the capabilities needed in an end-to-end SSAI platform and get detailed knowledge of some of the key technologies specific to an SSAI solution. The workshop also includes a hands-on walkthrough of a reference setup of SSAI from the input feed (MPEG-TS with SCTE-35 markers) through the player. The workshop is led by one of Eyevinns’s senior streaming experts.

You can find a more detailed description of the topics covered in this course under ‘program’.





Targeted towards developers and product leaders who are working with, or want to work with SSAI solutions, who are experienced in their role but want to understand more about the technical specifics of SSAI to be able to develop better products utilising the benefits of dynamic ad insertion.

Dag 1, masterclass 13:00-17:00

Dynamic Ad Insertion Overview

  • Why Dynamic Ad Insertion?
  • Difference between Client Side & Server Side Ad Insertion
  • SSAI flowchart from beginning to end
  • Different methods to start and end an ad-break
  • General stream requirements
  • GOPs and Segmentation
  • Filling an ad-break, different approaches
  • HLS manifest breakdown
  • MPEG-Dash manifest breakdown
  • Tracking

 Video Ad Tech

  • Realtime bidding/Programmatic buying
  • Different Vendors
  • Real world cases and what to think about

Dag 2: workshop 9.00 – 13.00

  • Walkthough of a reference setup of SSAI from the input feed (MPEG-TS with SCTE-35 markers) through the player
  • Looking at manifest prior and after ad insertion
  • Looking at different ways VAST files can be used
  • Looking at how an ad-stitcher behaves when a break is not filled completely
Peter Schurman, Media Professional at Media Perspectives, Project Manager at RTL Netherlands, Member of SCTE ISBE DVS/WG5/DPI and shareholder of the Dutch Event Triggering Group
13 maart 2019
As a project lead and integration engineer I was looking for a training course on OTT, HLS, MPEG-DASH and especially concerning Ad-Insertion. Working in the distribution area for the past 25 years I have in-depth knowledge on transmission path, encoding platforms, end-devices and metadata processing. I worked in the development of smart end-devices and meta data processing.
I am a newbee in te broadcast area, with a wide interest in new technologies. To learn more about Ad-Insertion and to develop myself as a media expert even more, I did a global search and consulted suppliers, training centers and asked around within my professional network. None of the players were able to fulfill my needs on this subject.
Finally Eyevinn Technologies, Experts on SSAI, with their wide knowledge and expertise on customer integrations worldwide answered all my questions on Ad Insertion. I am feeling more comfortable now in my role as project manager and system integrator. No need to say more about this exciting training. Develop yourself and explore the unknown.