4 juni 2020

Advanced Streaming Technology (EN)

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Datum & Tijd

4 juni
9:30 uur tot 17:00 uur


Joop van den Endeplein 1
Mediacentrum 4e verdieping
Media Park Hilversum


Minimaal 10 en maximaal 12 deelnemers. Bij te weinig aanmeldingen gaat deze cursus niet door, dit hoor je uiterlijk twee weken van tevoren.


De voertaal van deze cursus is Engels.


Partners van Media Perspectives krijgen 50% korting op deze cursus. Voor ZZP’ers geldt een kortingstarief van 30%. Kom je in aanmerking voor korting? Mail dan naar talent@mediaperspectives.nl.

The workshop is offered and will be conducted by Eyevinn.

In this workshop you learn about the foundations of low latency streaming and server side ad insertion. You will get an understanding of what is needed to achieve low latency streaming for online video distribution, and in detail understand how to reduce latency with chunked encoding, CMAF chunks and HTTP chunked transfers. You will also get an understanding of how Server side ad insertion works on a technical level, and how it relates to the Ad tech eco system.

Morning session – Low Latency and CMAF

Time delay between the transmission of a live content from the source to when it is received and displayed by the video player is the live-latency. A challenge in the online video distribution industry is to reduce this latency and to achieve ”Low Latency streaming” (3-5 seconds).  The workshop includes a block with hands-on exercises and troubleshooting techniques and is led by one of Eyevinn’s senior streaming experts.

Afternoon session – Server Side Ad Insertion

SSAI, which is short for Server-Side Ad insertion, is a technology that allows for personalized and programmatic insertion of ads already at the server side. There are several important advantages moving to this architecture. An SSAI based ad architecture is much easier to support and maintain for many devices, stability and performance requirements improve on all individual devices since there is no need for loading of additional ad player anymore.


This course is targeted towards people working with product development within streaming, who are interested in learning more about advanced streaming technologies such as low latency streaming and server side ad insertion. Attending this workshop will help you and your organization better understand the underlying components to achieve low latency streaming and the technique referred to as ”Low Latency CMAF streaming”.

Attendees are expected to have basic understanding of streaming technology by working in the industry or equivalent.

Morning Session – Low Latency Streaming & CMAF

  • Low-Latency Streaming overview
    – Why Low-Latency Streaming?
    – Where is Latency Introduced?
    – Different Ways to Reduce Latency
    – Technologies for Low-Latency Streaming
  • Low latency CMAF streaming
    – Architecture and Technology
    – Chunked Encoding and CMAF Low- Latency Chunks
    – HTTP 1.1 chunked transfers and distribution
    – Video Player Requirements
  • Workshop
    – Configure and setup a live stream with normal latency
    – Configure and setup a live stream using low latency CMAF

Afternoon Session – Server Side Ad-Insertion

  • Practical workshop (examples HLS, DASH with demo videos of content replacement)
  • Overview of how server-side ad insertion works
  • Streams & Segmentation
  • HLS and MPEG-DASH with SSAI
  • VAST and VMAP
  • Ad Tech Eco System
  • Programmatic Buying
  • Different Vendors
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